How to trim & clean artichoke in few easy steps.
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The humble artichoke is one of Mediterranean’s most treasured foods, as revered by her cooks as the likes of olives, olive oil, grapes and even the hallowed Mediterranean tomatoes. More impressive still, unlike many of Mediterranean’s most famous foods, this lowly thistle appears to know no enemies, with devotees spread across the country – from top to toe.

The Mediterranean’s love affair with this sturdy, bulbous weed goes a long way back. The cultivated globe artichoke we know and love today is in fact a pedigree version of the cardoon, a wild thistle native to North Africa – although you’ll often hear Sicilians claiming it as their own.

The word artichoke is derived from the Arabic word Kharshuf also called Khorcef, which are cardoons, which shows that this vegetable has a long tradition in the Near and Middle Eastern and North African cuisine.

Today artichokes are used in a variety of way; pickled, marinated, stuffed, stewed, grilled, steamed, boiled, and even roasted. Artichokes are also vessels in which to hold salads.

Finally, like all the greatest Mediterranean and North African delicacies, the artichoke is an ingredient best enjoyed fresh, in-season and with as little preparation as possible – thus cementing that all-important mantra in Mediterranean cooking that quality always trumps cost.

In this tutorial video, I’m going to show you how to clean artichokes, in 4 different ways and also give some ideas on recipes in which to use them.
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