Raw almond and cashew butter cupcakes


I knew you would go mad for this one!  How did I know? Because you are just like me. If it contains nut butter and chocolate I go crazy! The truth is while I was creating this recipe I ate half of the ingredients especially when it came to mixing the chocolate mixture. The only thing you should be aware of though, is that raw cacao butter is actually not edible. The smell though! It smells divine. Somebody should bottle it up and sell it as a perfume.

Almond and Cashew nut cupcakes

These chocolate cupcakes are another spin on my Healthy Raw Reese’s cupcakes but again I have mixed up the ingredients a bit because this is how I roll.  Also I know some of you are not that keen on peanut butter, so I’ve used almond butter and cashew butter instead. The flavour is intense and wonderfully chocolatey with a bit of a salty kick coming through thanks to the almond butter. The cashew nut butter version is more delicate and creamy.  Thinking  about it, almonds have less saturated fat than peanuts, so these are even healthier. As with all my recipes there is no refined sugar, no nasty stuff, dairy free and gluten-free.

Almond and cashew nut hearts

I am convinced these will make wonderful little treats on your Christmas table and your friends and family will find it difficult to believe these are much healthier than any other shop-bought delicacies. Feel free to add an almond or cashew nut on the top to make it look even better.

Almond and cashew nut butter  cupcakes


1/2 cup of melted raw cacao butter (the Ecuadorian one tastes the best)
1/2 cup of melted raw coconut oil
3/4 cup of raw cacao powder or cocoa powder (try to get the best quality if you can)
4 tbsp of brown rice syrup or any of your favourite liquid sweetener
Almond butter and cashew nut butter (go for no palm oil, no added sugar)
Vanilla extract (optional)
Line a baking dish with baking or parchment paper and set aside. Mix the melted cacao with melted coconut oil. Next stir in the cacao powder and brown rice syrup. Give it a good stir until the mixture is completely smooth. Divide the mixture into 2 parts. Get your cupcake cases and fill them to half way. Pop in the freezer for 10 minutes to set. Once solidified put a teaspoon of almond butter in the centre and pour the remaining chocolate mixture over it. For the next cupcake put a teaspoon of cashew nut butter in and cover with the chocolate mixture. Follow until you have used all the chocolate mixture. Pop in the freezer for 15 minutes and devour. Keep them in the fridge for up to 3 weeks (no chance not to devour them before!)

PS: If you can’t get your hands on raw cacao butter, use coconut oil, but then you will have to keep it in the freezer at all times otherwise the cupcakes will melt.

Much love,

Author Hedi Hearts
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