Russian salad is a salad composed of diced potatoes, vegetables and meats bound in mayonnaise.
Russian salads are very refreshing and light, usually served with dresses that enhance their taste. The delicious salads contain all sorts of vegetables, both traditional to Russia and imported. Whether they are a Radish Salad, Turp Salati / Asian Radish Salad, Salat Iz Yaits (Egg salad), most Russian salads are the perfect balancing element for the somewhat heavy meat dishes served in most of Russia.Russian Olivier salad is a traditional salad dish from Russia, which is also popular in many other European countries, Iran, Pakistan, Israel and also in South American countries like Argentina and Uruguay.


6 number beans
1 number carrot
1 tbsp cream
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 number onion chopped
1 tbsp peas
1 number potato
1 number spring onions


Take a bowl add cream and mayonnaise mix well keep it a side

In a bowl add potato cut into cubes boiled,carrot,beans,onions,spring onions, peas, and cream mixture mix well

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