That is Fabulous.com Interview

http://www.thatisfabulous.com/index.php/fabulous/feast/10-restaurants/73-danny-boomeTisF recently caught up with Fabulous Chef Danny BoomeWhat is your idea of Fabulous?DB: A Fun pursuit of all that is different, not knowing what to expect from a situation or a product, and being totally un-pretentiously wowed!Who is the most Fabulous person you know?DB: My Parents, still blissfully in love after 40 years, the best of friends and have mastered the art of compromise.Which Fabulous word do you use most?DB: Thingy-me-bob, doodar or watch-ma-call-it, I have the worst memory so you will often hear me fill in the blank with one of those, or one of my encrypted English slang words, which does leave my America friends looking rather perplexed!What is your greatest (most Fabulous) extravagance?DB: Ted Baker Suits, Once in a while I will treat myself to a well cut and very stylish suit, Ted’s Shirts and Suits fit me like a glove.Where would you like or prefer to live your Fabulous life?DB: Mountains in the Winter (Huge Ski Bum!) NYC (for Work) Chicago (to hang out) and a beach (to chill out)What do you consider your greatest (most Fabulous) achievement?DB: Just managing to be where I am today, is my biggest achievement, I am dyslexic, and was written off from an early age at school, that’s where I learnt to diversify my skills, at school I was no good at English or Math, so I worked hard at Art and Gym. I became a Pro Hockey player @ 17, got injured and bored so tried to make a go of sports marketing and Advertising, I couldn’t settle, so I ran away from life and became a Manny in the Swiss Alps, that’s where I found my love for Food and teaching kids. 6 years later I have had 6 seasons of 5 different shows in 3 different country’s, I am working on 3 different books, have launched a Cooking School in the US, just about to embark on a cooking tour “Home Cooking Revolution” 09/10 across the country and there’s so much more to come this year…So I think I achieved a lot for some one who was predicted to end up working on the line in a factory sorting mushrooms (in your face Mr. Carrier advisor!! Dyslexics Rule KO!!) I am very happy with my lot, you have to take the rough with the smooth, then and only then can you say you have a Fabulous life!What is your (Fabulous) motto?DB: Well there are two I live by! “When your going through hell, Keep on going” (Winston Churchill) “We are all in the gutter, just some of us are looking at the stars” (Oscar Wilde)Fabulous FYI: Danny will be visiting Chicago in September and is accepting bookings for his “Home Cooking Revolution” tour, availability for Group Cooking lessons / party’s are available from September 8th, 9th, 10th, & 11th. Danny will then return to Chicago March 9th, 10th, &11th to finish his 7 month long tour. For bookings and more information please check out www.dannyboome.tvJoin Danny on Face Book (Crash Bang Boome Productions or Danny Boome) or Tweet (dannyboome) him for updates and information!