Traditional Portuguese Cod Fish Dish called Bacalhau a Gomes de Sá via Nonna Paolone with special guest Zeza Almeida Paolone also known as Vovó Paolone. Vovó means grandmother in Portuguese. She is Nonna Paolone’s sister in law. Zeza was born in Portugal in a town called, Chaves.

Over the summer in #Castropignano, Italy she made for us her traditional #CodFishDish that we all love. This dish is so fresh, natural, clean, organic and the taste is unforgettable. Watch to get the step by step instructions on how to make this delicious cod fish dish called, #BacalhauAGomesDeSá . This dish is the perfect fish dish for Christmas Eve and Good Friday. Your family is going to love it.

1. Cod Fish (Buy the dry salted cod because it is tastier)
2. 10 Medium Size Yellow Potatoes.
3. Italian Parsley
4. 2 Yellow Onions -sliced
5. 4 or 5 cloves of Garlic -sliced
6. 4 or 5 Eggs
7. Black olives
8. Salt
9. Pepper
10. Olive Oil

Buy the COD Fish 3 days before making this dish. (Vovo purchases the dry salted Cod because it is tastier. Do not purchase the tail of the cod because it’s too thin. Try to purchase a thick piece of dry cod) . You will need to soak the COD Fish in COLD water for 2 days, changing the water in the morning and night. The smell of fish will go away after the first day of soaking.

1. – Put COD Fish and eggs in a cooking pot and fill it with water (be sure the water is covering everything). Turn on stove, cook on Medium heat for 20 minutes. You know when the cod is done when it is becomes “Flacky”. Then remove the COD and eggs and place in dish to cool off. When the COD is no longer hot, take out the bones and skin. After you removed all the skin and bones, shred it with you.

Also, peel the shell off the hard boiled eggs.

2. – Peel the potatoes and dice/slice them all the same thickness and size and place in a pot filled with cold water. Placed the diced potatoes in a cooking pot and fill with cold water. Cover and cook potatoes on Medium Heat till the potatoes are nice and soft.

3. – Saute – Peel and slice the onions and garlic. Place in a saute cooking pot. Add salt, pepper and ½ cup of Olive Oil. Mix together. Cover cook on LOW heat till the onions are cooked and very soft

Once everything is cooked and prepped in a baking pan place the cooked potatoes into the pan. Dice it up a bit and then add the shredded COD Fish on top of the potatoes. Then add the onions and garlic saute oil. Mix together. Then slice the hard boiled eggs on top of mix. Then add black olives. Cover will foil and place in oven. Heat on 100 to 150 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Then remove from oven and spread the chopped Italian Parsley on top and then serve.


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