this video will detail the easy and traditional lahmacun at home
how to make without an easy pastry and mincing machine, give detailed recipe
I will show all the materials used in this recipe in detail
materials needed for dough
2.5 cup wheat flour sieved, 1 bowl of cold water
half a spoonful of sugar, quarter spoon salt
half-spoon dry yeast, 1 tablespoon oil or olive oil
you can use a deep kneading dough
Ingredients for lahmacun, 400 grams of lamb
400 grams of veal, 200 grams of lamb fat
hot bitter pepper paste , tomato paste
crushed black pepper
bitter isoton pepper
green pepper onion and parsley
zirh knife to prepare mince
you can use a household mince
the mince prepared by cutting with a knife will be more delicious
surgical glove may be necessary
carrots and lemon 1 tomato lettuce you need for the salad
thick roll or fine roller to open the dough
a rectangular baking tray to cook the lahmacuns
if a round oven is available and a round tray is available
we will first prepare lahmacun dough and prepare other ingredients while waiting for its rest
you can use a plastic deep dish that you can easily mix for dough
add half a spoon of dry yeast
If you want to make yeastless, if you have stomach discomfort, do not use yeast dough again
add half a spoon of sugar
add salt in half a spoon
Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil or liquid sunflower oil
Add 1 bowl of water
Mix thoroughly for 1 minute until the dry yeast needs to be melted
Add 1 bowl of flour mixture
Add 1 cup of flour and stir
it may be necessary to add flour after understanding the consistency of the dough
 later half a bowl more flour was added
2.5 cups flour was used for 1 bowl of water in total
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cover the dough as it will dry after it is prepared
the dough will be ready for 30 minutes while other ingredients will be prepared during this period
we will bring meat to mince without using a mincing machine
use meat in frozen form so you can make your job easier
after the frozen meats are a little soft then shred with a knife
mix lamb meat, tail fat and beef
we use a large special knife after the meats are thinly sliced
you need to do this by slightly dragging the blade to cut it
add the necessary vegetables into the meat after the meat has reached a little mincing
1 onion peel, Cut 5 green pepper stalks
chop the onion finely ,  chop the peppers thinly
 these peppers are not bitter ,  chop parsley fine
and this turkish armor knife that resembles a big chord will be shredded and shrunk completely
important material here needs to be watered
Even if you are preparing the material on the machine, be sure to knife the vegetables with a knife
do not use tomatoes and do not add water into the interior
add salt with eye drops
add black isot chili or red chili pepper
hot pepper sauce , add tomato sauce
add black pepper, stir thoroughly
lahmacun must have the consistency of this way
you can use a wooden or marble floor to open the doughs
firstly the hamper is divided into equal parts
As you can see, there are 12 pieces of lahmacun dough with 2.5 bowl flour
round the dough piece and then add some flour
You can easily open the dough with thick rollers or fine rollers
 lubricate the base of the oven tray a little
add 1 spoon on the dough from the mixture you prepared
use both hands to place the domestic sponge on the dough neatly
if you use a round tray you can make a big one piece lahmacun
lahmacans ready for baking
proportion of domestic spices and dough
the oven you need to be aware of when baking lahmacuns must be preheated
place the single tray first in the middle of the hot oven
set the degree to 190 degrees and set the bottom high cooking button to be open
Set the countdown for 7 or 8 minutes and cook the lahmacun in the oven
you can prepare a simple salad while cooking in a lahmacun
lettuce carrots tomatoes and lemon will suffice You can put it in between the lahmacun
lettuce leaves thinly
 grate carrot and mix with lettuce
add the salad to the plate
place tomato slices around the salad
After 7 minutes is full then the lahmacans are cooked
place the second tray in the oven and set a 7 minute countdown in the same way
Place the lahmacuns on the plate, serve salad with lemon and ayran
we came to the end of a detailed video recipe for you