BRITISH FOOD – British Trifle Recipe- Mum’s Special Recipe With Cream. In this video I show you how to make British Trifle. A traditional British Food idea. I love British cooking like this. This video links in very well with my clotted cream recipe, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to make clotted cream at home then give that a watch, the link to it is in the first pinned comment above. Homemade clotted cream, yum! A traditional British food recipe this trifle with Birds Custard is a favourite among family and friends. A show stopper. But this is my Mum’s recipe, she said her mum used to make this English Trifle the same way. I felt I had to borrow it because it tastes so good. The combination of the Jam, sponges, the custard, almond and raspberries is so tasty. That’s what makes this pudding taste so good. The ingredients work really well together in a way you may not expect. I love sharing British food ideas with you all, as always I have captioned my video with Closed captions CC so everyone can understand. I love doing this British cooking show for all of you and this was requested by quite a few viewers. So from me British Cook to you, I hope you enjoy this simple but tasty dessert recipe.