this video will be detailed in Turkish dalyan meatballs
this is not an easy recipe and it will be a meal of 100 people
 I will show all the materials we will use in detail
ingredients for meatballs
medium-fat veal and lamb meat mixed
for example 12 kilograms of veal 3 kilograms of lamb meat mixed
parsley and dill
a little bitterned bread or breadcrumbs
salt, cumin and black pepper
fresh boiled or canned peas
Meat Water
tomato paste
crushed garlic
add dry bread slices into the meat
add parsley and dill
other materials to be added after machine operation
pass the meat slices through the mincemeat with bread and parsley
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add breadcrumbs
add eggs
add crushed garlic
 add salt black pepper and cumin
add finely sliced ​​onions
add semolina
blend completely
some water can be added according to the consistency
 can be passed through the machine for the second time to completely mix
If you have a dough kneading machine, you can prepare this item by stirring for 10 minutes
mincing will be held in the deep hillside for 20 minutes and the consistency will be better

peel the carrots to boil and bring ready-made vases
add the ends of the peeled carrots into the precise container
add the eggs into the boil pot
add water into the carrots and eggs and boil
keep the boiled material cool
all the way to the top is divided into 10 or 12 equal parts
a piece of mince about 1750 grams
shape the staff on the counter
 prepare to lay eggs and carrots
add boiled carrots eggs and peas
close with caution
it will be a big meatball and it will be easier if you do it in the hill
be careful that the material you put into it is too small
plump the meatballs with the battered egg

ready to cook in dumplings
place the meatball in the cold oven
cook 90 minutes at 100 degrees in low temperature
Prepare a sauce while cooking in a meatball oven
Add pot of liquid sunflower oil
Add the same amount of flour and stir
continue mixing with intervals
 After the flour is a little roast, add tomato paste and stir
add boiling water and stir
 add salt and sugar
stir meat juice
sauce will be ready after it boils
After removing the dumplings, transfer them to a cold tray
stay somewhere in the air for cooling

meatballs ready to slice after chilling
use a sharp, thin blade
slice the meatballs equally
place the sliced ​​meatball in the oven tray horizontally
The meatballs are good at first and can be opened when they are baking
1 slice of meatball will suffice for 1 person
large tray for 40 people and small for 20 people
add hot sauce prepared
meatballs ready to serve after adding sauce
you can serve yogurt with rice and salad