This week is World Autism Awareness Week and for the next few days I’m going to devote some time on the blog to talking about autism and food and my experiences of both.

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This is Fintan, or Finn for short. Finn is four years old and he loves trains, playing at the park, watching Bing on tv and annoying egg surprise opening videos on You Tube. Finn is also autistic, diagnosed aged three and a half.

I’ve mentioned Finn and autism a little bit on my social media over the past year but not so much here on the blog. But with World Autism Awareness Week happening I thought this would be the perfect time to share our experiences of autism and it’s link with food and food issues.

Like many four year old’s, Finn is quite a picky eater but over the past year I have come to understand how autism plays a very big role in his food and feeding. Obviously my experiences are with my child only and every child will be different. But if by sharing my experience I can help one other family then I feel it will be worthwhile.

1. Sensory Reactions

I have to come to understand lately the extent to which sensory reactions play a very big part in the foods that Finn will and will not eat. Picky eaters in general, whether they are autistic or not, will have intense…


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