East European Recipes

East European Recipes

Explore Eastern Europe through its different cuisines, from blinis to beef goulash to borscht.

French Ham Quiche Recipe (Quiche Lorraine )West Europe

Recipe: Dough: 250g flour 1 egg 200g butter bit of water pinch of salt After kneading, put dough in the fridge for 30 minutes. Filling: Ham cubes 1 leek 2 spring onions 3 eggs 400ml creme fraiche cheese bit of milk pepper Put quiche in the oven for 30 mintes on 175 degrees (European measurments). When it gets brown to fast than simply cover the quiche with foil. source

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Eastern European Stories By Dan Keding (Nail Soup)

Dan Keding, Storyteller, Musician and Author performs Eastern European variant of the popular story: “Stone Soup.’ Books by Dan Keding: The Gift of the Unicorn and Other Animal Helper Tales for Storytellers, Educators, and Librarians Elder Tales: Stories of Wisdom and Courage from Around the World Stories of Hope and Spirit The United States of Storytelling: Folktales and True Stories from the Western States English Folktales (World Folklore Series) Ballads and Songs: In a Dead Man’s Company Audiobooks: Once Upon…

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Baba Tries Potato Beauty Treatment

Get Baba’s free newsletter and Ukrainian culture books. “Baba’s Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food” and “Rosie’s Rescue.” Visit Baba’s Facebook page: Book your Animal Communication session: Enjoy Eastern European cookbook, Ukrainian cookbook, Russian cookbook, Middle Eastern cookbook, Jewish cookbook, Polish cookbook, Czechoslovakian cookbook, Georgian cookbook, Romanian cookbook, Slavic cookbook, Eastern Europe, Hungarian cookbook, Ukrainian recipes, Russian recipes, Polish recipes, Eastern European recipes, Hungarian recipes, Romanian recipes, Georgian recipes, Slovenian recipes, Slovenian cookbook, Croatian recipes, Croatian cookbook, Czech recipes, Czech cookbook, Baltic…

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BIG SHAQ ft. Eastern European – Lithuania (Music Parody)

Subscribe to my YouTube channel: BIG SHAQ ft. Eastern European – Lithuania (Music Parody) – buy gopnik gear For business inquiries contact: easterneuropean1@gmail.com Support my work and help me grow at: Donate with PayPal – easterneuropean1@gmail.com This will help us to upgrade our workplace for higher quality content ! Thank you ! Find us on: Follow me on Instagram: Songs used: Roadman Shaq- Mans Not Hot (Instrumental) This video is our official content and you can’t use it without our…

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Czech Pork Goulash Recipe | How to Cook Authentic Czech Goulash | Goulash Recipe

Czech Pork Goulash Recipe | How to Cook Authentic Czech Goulash | Goulash Recipe I was born in Eastern Europe and goulash was always staple food in our kitchen. I would like to show you goulash recipe that my mother and grandmother used to cook. Secret lies in 1:1 ratio of meat:onions. Chopped onions are overcooked in 2 hours, they fall apart, add flavor to goulash and make it thicker. There is no need to use flour to make delicious…

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Kombucha – “Tea of Immortality” Recipe

Kombucha – “Tea of Immortality” (Recipe). Kombucha is a sound drink produced using Japanese tea growth – kombucha. Kombucha was utilized as a part of Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan hundreds of years. The name itself kombucha began in Japan in 415th year. In antiquated circumstances kombucha was the benefit just of the kind’s châteaux and was dealt with as untouchable mystery in Japan. More than thousand years back, the Japanese head welcomed the Chinese ruler on a visit to…

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