French Reipes

French Recipes

Show off your culinary skills with regional and traditional French treats such as coq au vin.


Subscribe to don’t miss the new recipes 🙂 Hello everybody, I m happy to share with you my first french recipe in english… for 2 people you need : 3 eggs 2 spoon of mayonnaise many pearsley leaves step 1 : put the eggs in boilingwater for 10mn then put them in cold water when they are cooked. step 2 : The eggs are shucked, cut lengthwise, separate the whites from the yolks. Step 3 In a deep plate, crumble…

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Crustless French Custard Pie Recipe – Flan Parisien Dedicated to Paul Bocuse

This specialty from Paris is called a Flan Patissier or flan Parisien which is in fact a delicious crustless French custard pie recipe. its smooth texture and lovely vanilla flavour will have you come. Back for more. Ingredients: 100 grams3.5 oz .37 cup egg yolks 120 grams 5.21 Oz 0.61 cups caster sugar 50 grams /2.75 Oz 0.33 cups corn flour 500 ml 17.6 Oz 2.11 cups full cream milk 125 ml 4.39 oz .52 cups heavy cream 1 vanilla…

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Lets Talk About Michelin Star Recipes

Lets Talk About Michelin Star Recipes: in this video we take a closer look at how Michelin star recipes are created and what make them stand apart from other standard recipes. In this episode I have chosen a recipe from French Michelin star chef Raymond Blanc. this particular Michelin star recipe is made out of Baked apples served with an apple brandy flavoured caramel sauce garnished with a sprinkle of candied pistachios and almonds. The good news is that this…

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French Sponge Cake recipes genoise sponge cake recipe french sponge cake recipe mamon vanilla sponge cake recipes eggless sponge cake recipes easy sponge cake recipes simple sponge cake recipes sponge cake recipes from scratch sponge cake recipes by sanjeev kapoor source

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French Guy Cooking – French Beef Stew | Recipes

Watch this short video and see how French Guy cooks up a delicious traditional French stew with a personal twist. Because it’s such an easy dish to recreate, it’s perfect for dinner parties. Simply put everything in one pot and let your hob do the hard work! Shop for a new hob Shop for your perfect oven source

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3 Christmas SIDES | Last-Minute Christmas Recipes

How to make 3 stunning sides for Christmas : Crispy Potato Mash Balls, Hot and spicy Chinese Brussels Sprouts, and Maple Syrup Roasted Vegetables Oven Tray. Easy, Quick, but massive impact on the table. – 3 Christmas Sauces : – 3 Christmas Salads : They are the perfect last minute solution to save Christmas ! Wishing you a merry christmas. Love to the one you do. Youtube Subscribe : Facebook : for mouth watering photos and good discussions 😉 Instagram…

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Bresse chicken with crispy polenta – Chicken recipes – French Cuisine

“Generously flavoured with winter truffles, this decadent French dish uses a breed of chicken from the province of Bresse. It cannot legally be imported into Australia, but you can still substitute it with quality free-ranging organic chicken breasts. Chanterelle mushrooms can be replaced with any small wild mushrooms you can find.” Adam Liaw, . Ingredients 5 Bresse chicken breasts, with skin on salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 10 g black truffle, finely chopped 15 green asparagus spears,…

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