Greek Recipes

Greek Recipes

We love Greek food – from a simple Greek salad, to grilled Greek lamb skewers to a classic moussaka.

Easy Greek Yogurt Recipe for the Instant Pot

Easily make incredible Greek yogurt in your instant pot. For a thinner, but still creamy yogurt, adjust how much whey you drain to each the consistency you like. 1. Add 1 gallon cow’s milk to Instant Pot 2. Lock lid and press Yogurt and then adjust. “Boil” will display on the screen. It takes a little over an hour to boil. Once it is complete, the IP will beep and display “yogt” 3. You MUST check the temperature after whisking…

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Tsoureki – Greek Sweet Bread | Akis Kitchen

Tsoureki – Greek Sweet Bread | Akis Kitchen Subscribe: Recipe: Chef: Akis Petretzikis Director: Leonidas Pelivanidis Production: Akis Petretzikis Ltd. Official website: Facebook Page: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Video Editor: Michael Barbaris Featured Partners: Mary-Rose Andrianopoulou, Giannis Mpourodimos, Katerina Loi, Markos Papakostantinou, Maria Vasilakopoulou, Kellina Dimitriadi source

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Slow Cooker Fasolada Recipe – Greek Bean Soup In The Slow Cooker

Here’s an absolutely fantastic slow cooker Greek fasolada. This is a Greek bean soup made in a slow cooker and is ideal for those of you that have crazy schedules but still crave home cooked, comfort food. This bean soup recipe is a snap on any day. Now add a slow cooker in the mix and you’ve reached a whole new level of easy. And it’s all done in one pot!!!! Chop your ingredients, throw them in your crock pot…

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4 Easy & Quick Greek Yogurt Dip Sauce Recipes

In this video I will show you four very easy to make yogurt dips These dips are so simple to make that you can make a fresh batch whenever you need some. I used Greek yogurt for these dips but you can use regular yogurt is that is what you have. Ingredients: DILLE DIP Yoghurt Salt Lemon juice Ground pepper Fresh dill MINT & CUCUMBER DIP Yogurt Salt Pepper Mint leaves Lemon Juice Grated cucumber CHILLI DIP Chilli flakes Chilli…

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How To Make Skordalia – Easy Greek Skordalia Recipe

Super quick, easy and delicious!!! This is a timeless Greek dish that represents the beauty of simple cooking using only a small handful of ingredients. Serve at parties as a dip with crackers or veggies or as a dinner side with fish, seafood or roast/bbq meat. Hope you guys enjoy this video and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just give me a shout and I’ll get back ASAP!!!!! Hope you all love it!!!!! Cheers, Ken Follow link…

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