Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Recipes

Browse the best dishes from the Portuguese coast, including piri-piri chicken.

Fry Chicken Recipe/चिकन फ्राई रेसिपी / How to Make Chicken Fry

This is a quick chicken fry cooked with few masalas. This dry fry chicken recipe can be eaten with Naan or chapati or just with salad!. ingredients: Chicken 1 kg 150 g yogurt 1 tbsp coriander powder 1 tbsp red chili powder 1 tbsp sat 1 tbsp chat masala 1 tsp cumin powder 1 tsp black pepper powder 1 tsp garam masala powder 1/4 tsp food color 2 tbsp rice flour 2 tbsp gram flour 2 tbsp onion paste 1…

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Grilled Redfish On The Half Shell Recipe- By BBQGuys.com

2 red fish fillets on the half shell marinade: 1/4 cup- Worcestershire sauce 1/4 cup- extra virgin olive oil 1/4-1/2 teaspoon- cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoon- dried thyme 1 Tablespoon- paprika Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste 1 yellow onion 1 lemon 2 whole garlic cloves 1 bunch – parsley 1/2 stick (unsalted/diced)- butter – Lay red fish fillets in a bowl flesh side up. – Pour marinade ingredients over the fillets, rub in well, and set aside.…

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Grilled Swordfish Recipe | Cooking Outdoors | Gary House

It’s all about the fish! Today we are grilling up some delicious Swordfish steaks topped with a spicy yogurt sauce and served with grilled kale topped with bacon cooked on the Island Grillstone. For additional information on the Island Grillstone: Cooking Outdoors Store: More great recipes, tips and techniques available on the Cooking-Outdoors.com website or the Cooking Everything Outdoors app! The how-to show of backyard Grilling, Dutch oven and Camp cooking. If it can be cooked indoors, I can show…

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ZUCCHINI SWEET BREAD // with chia seeds

its fall, that means zucchini and pumpkin season starts! What better way to transform zucchini into such a delicious bread what you’ll need: – 250ml plant milk – 80g dates – 3tbs chia seeds – 2tbsp apple sauce – 30g stevia – 20g coconut shreds – vanilla flavour – 130g grated zucchini – 1,5 tsp baking powder – 0,5 tsp baking soda – 100g all purpose flour – 80g wholegrain flour – 1tbsp apple cider vinegar – chocolate chips ⭐️…

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Spicy Sweet Corn Chaat | Popular Indian Street Food Recipe | How to Make Corn Chaat

#masalacornchaat #sweetcornchaat #indianstreetfood Today we are preparing chaat which is almost everyone’s favorite. Yes we will see how to make spicy sweet corn chaat which is very famous street food in our india. I have added pepper powder and chaat masala you can skip if you are preparing for your little one’s. Do watch and share your experience. Feedback is highly welcomed. Thanks in advance happy cooking! Priya Kumar Most chaats originated in some parts of Uttar Pradesh in India,…

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