Spanish Recipes

Spanish Recipes

Bring some sunshine to the table with a homemade tapas menu or holiday favourite, paella.

How to make Puerto Rican Picadillo(Boricua style)

Today’s video is a classic Puerto Rican dish, picadillo. Picadillo is our version of chili without beans or sloppy Joe meat and is used as a main meal or as a filling for a lot of dishes like Pastelon de papa (Potato lasagna) empanadillas or empanadas and many others. I usually make a double batch of it, serve with *surprise* white rice; then save the rest for empanadillas (fried meat filled turnovers). Ingredients for the Picadillo: 2lbs ground beef (…

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Chicken – How to Make Puerto Rican Stewed Chicken Recipe (Pollo Guisado) [Episode 048]

Back to a basic Puerto Rican recipe. Every Puerto Rican cooks differently, and in this video I show you how I make my stewed chicken or “Pollo Gisado.” I prefer to use skinless and boneless and chicken, and I am not afraid to use different spices in addition to my sofrito… so the chicken is full of mouth watering spanish and latin flavors. Puerto Rican Sofrito video: Link to Simple Sunday Afternoons channel: eMail: Simple Sunday Afternoons PO Box…

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How to Make the Perfect Paella!

The chef at Palm Oasis (Gran Canaria) makes a delicious giant paella every Sunday, enough for 40 people, so I thought I´d show you how he does it. This version is Paella Mixta (NOT the more traditional Valencian paella!), and ingredients include pork, chicken, fish, prawns, mussels, asparagus, peas & beans. None of these ingredients are essential. There are many different version of paella – just use the ingredients you like best (or the ones you have available)! You can…

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04 tasty spanish potato omelette cooking easy food recipes for dinner to make at home

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Healthy Recipe by Nutri Ninja® | Ginger Greens Drink

Create this easy, delicious and healthy blender recipe with the Nutri Ninja®. Watch as whole fruits and vegetables are perfectly blended in seconds to create a cool and creamy smoothie. Learn more about the Nutri Ninja® and many other healthy blender recipes here: Ginger Greens Smoothie Recipe 1/4 avocado (rich in mono-saturated fats) 1/4 cup cilantro 1 cup kale (detoxifies your body) 1 tsp. ginger root 1 pitted date 2 kiwis, peeled and quartered 1/2 cup coconut water (natural electrolytes)…

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How to Make Authentic Adobo Chicken | Adobo Chicken Recipe |

Do you have a favorite dish or an international restaurant that you regularly go to because they always make things just the way you like? Have you ever wondered how they do it? Welcome World Cuisine demystifies international food and shares the secrets behind popular restaurant dishes including Pad Thai, Tikka Massala, Pho, Sushi, and more! In this video, watch how to make tangy, saucy Filipino chicken adobo—the marinated, slow-simmered chicken dish seasoned with tons of garlic, vinegar, soy sauce,…

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Keto Coffee Recipe: Better than Bulletproof Coffee: Thomas DeLauer

Be Sure To Subscribe For 3x Videos Per Week! Get My Discounted MCT Oil Here: Keto Coffee Recipe: Better than Bulletproof Coffee: Thomas DeLauer Ingredients: – MCT Oil – Ghee – Cacao powder – Coffee MCT Oil Medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) are unique fatty acids that are found naturally in coconut and palm oils. They are able to stabilize blood sugar and enhance ketone body production, which makes them a powerful tool to reduce inflammation, improve metabolism and enhance cognitive…

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How to Make MARSHMALLOW FONDANT – The Best Fondant Recipe for Cakes and Cupcakes

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Get the Cupcake Addiction Recipe Book HERE: Make this Easy Marshmallow Fondant at home – perfect for covering cakes & cupcakes! This video is part of our FOUNDATIONS Series, showing some of the basics of fondant, baking tools and chocolate melting & colouring. Check out the full foundations playlist Here: Ingredients List: 450g / 16 ounces white marshmallows (I prefer mini marshmallows, if you can get them) 2-4 tablespoons water 900g / 2lb (about 8 cups) sifted confectioners’…

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