Turkish Recipes

Turkish Recipes

Be inspired by Persian classics or make a Mediterranean meze menu followed by baklava.

Turkish Meat Doner kebaps Recipe Best Details

YAPRAK DÖNER ÇOK DETAYLI YAPILIŞI which part of the original Turkish leaf doner kebab is prepared how the meat is cut and prepared how big meat slices are marinated with what materials stage of doner kebab placement cooking stage of doner kebab 5 different ways of serving the rotary kebab we will show you how to make the best doner kebab in this video gradually and in detail Doner kebab is made only in the back of the cattle in…

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Turkish Eggplant Kebab Baking Recipe

Eggplant Kebab Recipe in the oven a short eggplant is enough for 1 person,  a long eggplant can be calculated for 2 people 2 kg of cheddar cheese, 10 eggs will suffice 500 grams of chili pepper, 12 kg fat lamb, 6 onions Garlic can be added on request, 100 grams salt necessary spices thyme and cumin, you can use in the oven  a square or rectangular tray is required hello gentlemen welcome ladies eggplant kebab recipe in the oven…

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Easy 10 Thanksgiving Recipes day (Turkish Recipes)2017

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Istanbul: Turkish cuisine at a crossroads | AJ Eats

We explore how a new generation is keeping Turkey’s centuries-old culinary traditions alive in a modern world. Istanbul sits at the point of intersection between Europe and Asia and its food has been heavily influenced by its rich history and traditions: the palace food from the Ottoman times, the Armenian and Greek influences and that from Anatolia. Although Istanbul is often visited for its past, it’s very much a modern metropolis. In a buzzing city with 14 million inhabitants, the…

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DELICIOUS&HEALTHY “TURKISH MOSAIQUE CAKE” RECIPE – No Added Sugar Or Petit-Beurre Biscuits Music: J. S. BACH – Prelude In C Major – BWV 870 Piano: Elvan A. ULUCINAR In this episode I’d like to share with you an extremly delicious recipe. It is probably the best sugar-free dessert I’ve ever made, hope you give it a try! I also add the link for the original ‘Mosaique Cake’ recipe, down below. It was my first uploaded video, when I started this…

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