Turkish Recipes

Turkish Recipes

Be inspired by Persian classics or make a Mediterranean meze menu followed by baklava.

How to Make Turkish Potato Rose Borek | Potato Filled Filo Pastry Recipe

Börek is a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo or filo. Turkish rose shape börek with potato filling is a great idea for your brunch. You can make then ready and just keep in freezer and bake them later on. Surely you can choose any different inside for your borek recipe. If you want to learn different Turkish borek insides you can check out our YouTube channel pastry recipes playlist. 5 Potatoes…

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Kolay Pamuk Gibi Pastane Açma Tarifi – Turkish Acma Recipe – Çay Saati Tarifleri

Tereyağlı Açma; Malzemeler; -1 su bardağı ılık süt -1 su bardağı su -Yarım su bardagı sıvı yag -2 yumurta ( birinin sarisi uzerine surmek icin ayrilir) -1.5 yemek kaşığı pakmaya ( kuru maya) (veya 42 gr yas maya) -2 yemek kaşığı dolusu şeker -2 tatli kaşığı dolusu tuz Aldıgı kadar un (yaklaşık 6 su bardagı yumuşak hamur olacak şekilde yoğurun) Arasina surmek icin tereyağı source

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How to Make Turkish Ravioli | Manti Recipe with Yogurt Sauce

This is a traditional Turkish dish that is mainly ate in the winter. It is often called Turkish ravioli with yoghurt, but that is selling this delicious dish short. The trick is to find the best mantı in town. Tasty Manti (Turkish ravioli) is easy to make in just a few steps. This quintessential Turkish combination features lamb-stuffed pillows of fresh pasta that are drizzled with two sauces: a garlicky one made from yogurt, and a spicy one made with…

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Turkish Doner Chicken Kebap Recipe Traditional Food

10 Kilogram Chicken Doner Recipe , ,, , , 10 kilograms of chicken breast meat , 800 grams of animal fat ,,, 150 grams salt 300 gram tomato slice , , , 2 spoons of spice mixture . Spices mix Cumin. garlic powder. Thyme. 2 cups of buttermilk or yogurt , , , , Bitter flake Red pepper, , , , Chicken doner kebab recipe on intense request How to prepare chicken meat on this video, how to prepare sauce…

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Easy Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe

Easy and basic chocolate sponge cake recipe. It’s fluffy and delicious. You can seve plain or dress up as you like. In the video we cut in two layers to dress it with chocolate forsting. You can find the link at the end of the video. It has a very spongy texture and its so light and moist. Please let us know what you think if you try this recipe. Transfer the eggs into a large bowl Add sugar Beat…

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