Colcannon recipe cabbage

Subscribe for more new cooking recipes Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Colcannon is a great way to Ireland to make mashed potatoes. Colcannon recipe is mashed containing cabbage and potatoes. Both potatoes and cabbage plants are found in many different cultures. Potatoes and cabbage are vegetables that can be stored for a long time, so unlike some Colcannon recipe can be prepared at any time of the year. Colcannon recipe you can do every day of the…

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Irish Mashed Potatoes with Kale – Colcannon Recipe

I got a big bag of kale from a food cooperative because the patrons didn’t want it. Since I had some leeks left from the fall garden and potatoes this time of year are on sale and cheap, I made Irish Mashed Potatoes with kale. Ingredients 5 lbs russet potatoes, cleaned, and peeled 2 stick unsalted butter, divided 1 1/2 cup heavy cream 2 to 4 garlic cloves minced 4 leeks, cleaned and whites thinly sliced 4 bunches kale, stems…

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Irish Food… Colcannon

A Traditional Irish Dish… ideal for St Patrick’s Day! 1 pound 6 ounces Potatoes (approx) 4 ounces curly Kale or Spring Cabbage (approx) half cup (50g) roughly chopped Scallions (spring onions) quarter cup (25g) finely chopped Scallions (spring onions) 1 stick (100g) butter Salt & Pepper Music Achaidh Cheide Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” source

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Hello Everybody! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! Today we’re doing a special Mukbang-style Irish Feast for St Patty’s. (If you don’t know what a Mukbang is- we’ll just be eating a bunch of food and chatting about Ireland) So, I hope you’ll join us for 2 traditional Irish recipes- Colcannon and Irish Stew! Both vegan, both delicious. I’ll be singing some Irish tunes, chatting about vegan Irish celebrities, and eating some INCREDIBLE classic dishes. Also, did you know St. Patrick isn’t…

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Easy Irish Colcannon Recipe for Kids – Vegan Friendly! Irish Halloween Traditions Part 1

Circletime Kids founder Rachel Dory has fun making traditional Irish Colcannon with her kids and exploring the Halloween traditions of Ireland. For the full recipe and instructions visit: Part 2 of our Irish Halloween Tradition videos – Irish Brambrack Recipe – can be found here: is a FREE multicultural resource that offers materials designed to introduce kids to the sights, sounds and tastes of cultures worldwide, and help them explore their own unique cultural heritage. source

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Colcannon Recipe, Irish Colcannon, Recipe for Irish Colcannon, How to Make Irish Potatoes Colcannon

for the website, and for the Happier Holidays Cookbook! Buttery Potatoes and Cabbage, Colcannon Recipe, Irish Colcannon, Recipe for Irish Colcannon, How to Make Irish Potatoes Colcannon Irish Colcannon is actually the old fashioned recipe for potatoes mashed together with cabbage, kale, butter and bacon. Also called Potatoes Colcannon, Colcannon Potatoes, or Colcannon Mash, this beautiful Colcannon recipe is really as easy as it is delicious. Despite the fact that Irish Colcannon isn’t known in America – it should be.…

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HOW TO MAKE COLCANNON RECIPE | Irish Mashed Potatoes Recipe

HOW TO MAKE COLCANNON RECIPE | Irish Mashed Potatoes Recipe Happy St. Paddy’s Day! My previous video was an Irish Stew Recipe. This video “How To make Colcannon Recipe” I show you just that — house to make the popular Irish dish of potatoes, cabbage and green onion scallions. I hope you enjoy! St. Patrick’s Day Recipe | Irish Recipe HOW TO MAKE IRISH STEW RECIPE: HOW TO MAKE TRADITIONAL IRISH SODA BREAD: _______________________________________________________ Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: source

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How to Make Colcannon — A Traditional Irish Recipe

In this video you will learn how to make Colcannon, a traditional Irish dish. There are many recipes for Colcannon. Start with a warm pan of butter; add some chopped potatoes, cabbage, onion and kale or leek. Add some seasoning and a tiny amount of milk let it cook for a few minutes. Place the dish on a plate and add parsley. You can also add a fried or poached egg on top if you chose. source

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