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How To Make Turkish Rice with Noodles – Easy Pilaf Recipe

Rice pilaf is famous all over the world as a side dish. Turkish Rice (pilaf recipe) is one of the most popular Turkish side dishes ever. Try this easy pilaf recipe and you’ll never go back to plain rice. OLIVE OIL 1 CUP RICE 2 TBSP VERMICELLI NOODLE 1 1/2 CUP HOT WATER UNTIL NOODLES GET SLIGHTLY BROWN 1 MEAT BROTH 1 TSP RED PEPPER FLAKES FRESH PARSLEY Follow us on: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Google + Profiles Simply Recipes: Schnelle…

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Turkish Cigar Pastry Recipe – Crispy Cheese filled Filo Pastry Rolls

These rolls, as with most savory pastries, are made with paper thin sheets of dough called Yufka in Turkey. As it is difficult to find yufka abroad, you can make them with filo pastry sheets that works really well. In Turkey, sigara böregi is like other sort of böreks are widely available in pastry shops and bakeries, they are also sold on stalls and a hugely favorite street food; delicious and great value too. WHITE CHEESE MELTING CHEESE 1 EGG…

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Dal Fry Recipe Restaurant Style Indian Vegetarian Food | Indian Cooking

Dal Tadka Recipe, Dal Fry Recipe, Mung Dal Recipe and paneer recipes are very popular in India. Most of the Indian Vegetarian Dishes are very popular and delicious in taste. Indian Vegetarian Cooking is based on some simple cooking Methods. Indian Restaurants serves very wide range of Indian Vegetable, Dal, Paneer Curries and other dishes daily. In the Indian Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Rajkot, Udaipur you can try the best and authentic Indian…

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New Delhi Tofu Peas Curry Recipe ( Indian Recipes)

Simple, Healthy and Flavourful, this Tofu Peas curry is easy to prepare and is gluten free. Enjoy it with Roti, Rice or naan. For more tasty recipes,tips and product reviews please Subscribe: Our facebook page: Follow us on twitter: Pinterest: Our Blog: Ingredients: 350 gms Firm Tofu 1/2 tsp cumin seeds 2 onions(small) or 1 large 1 tsp coriander seeds ( we crush and use them in our recipe to get maximun flavour) 2 tbsp julienned ginger 2-3 cloves of…

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Lamb Wrap Recipe – Turkish Tantuni

Tantuni (Lamb or Beef Wrap) is a typical Turkish street food from Mersin, Turkey. Piles of ready cooked meat are set out on the streets, waiting to be reheated, spiced and tucked into flat breads, along with piles of herbs, tomato, onion and pepper. 5 thin lavash breads 1/2 kilo lamb meat 3 tomatoes, chopped red pepper flakes pinch of salt green pepper onion (washed two times after chopped) olive oil Follow us on: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Google + Profiles…

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Easy Irish Soda Bread Muffins Recipe | Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks Day to all our viewers. Here’s an easy and relatively healthy recipe for Irish Soda Bread Muffins from our kitchen. For more tasty recipes, tips and product reviews please Subscribe: Our facebook page: Follow us on twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Ingredients/Method 1.5 cup whole wheat flour 1/2 cup raisins or currants or combination of two 1/3 or 1/2 cup sugar of choice ( we used coconut sugar) 1/2 tbsp Caraway 1/2 tbsp baking powder 1/4 tsp baking soda…

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HOW TO MAKE COLCANNON RECIPE | Irish Mashed Potatoes Recipe

HOW TO MAKE COLCANNON RECIPE | Irish Mashed Potatoes Recipe Happy St. Paddy’s Day! My previous video was an Irish Stew Recipe. This video “How To make Colcannon Recipe” I show you just that — house to make the popular Irish dish of potatoes, cabbage and green onion scallions. I hope you enjoy! St. Patrick’s Day Recipe | Irish Recipe HOW TO MAKE IRISH STEW RECIPE: HOW TO MAKE TRADITIONAL IRISH SODA BREAD: _______________________________________________________ Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: source

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Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking On Budget Recipes | Almost Anything

Welcome to Gordon Ramsay Cooking Masterclass. Gordon Ramsay Will Show You In This Cooking Video That Not Only Expensive Ingredients Will Give You The Taste, But Skill Of Cooking. Subjects That Will Covered In THis Cooking Video : 00:20:00 Cooking Lamb With Fried Bread. 05:46:00 Cooking Roasted Mackerel With Garlic And Paprika. 07:06:00 Cooking Pork And Prawn Balls In Aromatic Broth. 08:18:00 Cooking Easy Arancini. 09:29:00 [Bonus video] Cooking tips As Follows : 1: How To Cook Rice Basmati. 2:…

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ASMR COOKING: Spanish Chicken & Potato Recipe (cooking toys real food can eat) (KITCHEN TOYS)

Hi everyone! I cooked Spanish recipe. I hope you’ll like it. Here are the recipe: Chicken, potato, parsley, cooking oil, lemon, onions, garlic, pepper. Please don’t forget to like and share this video. Have a great day! For upcoming videos click here to SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Instagram: Recipes: Twitter: Minifood Pinoy Recipes: Minifood Breakfast Recipes: Minifood Pasta Recipe: Minifood Baking Recipes: Minifood Snacks: Miniature Cusina is a tiny cooking show, we use functional mini kitchen and mini appliance like mini stove,…

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Arepas Reina Pepiada – Venezuela – My Food Trek

Arepas Reina Pepiada – Venezuela – My Food Trek This video will give you a great recipe and help you learn how to make Arepas Reina Pepiada. This is a traditional recipe straight out of Venezuela, and has other variations which are all depending on using different fillings in the center. This is the next dish to become part of the world food challenge. Each week, I’ll try a different unique recipe or national dish in my attempt at cooking…

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