Full Irish Breakfast Burger Recipe

In this episode we are making the Rebel County BBQ signature burger. The full Irish Breakfast Burger is super easy to do and will cure all your hangovers guaranteed! All you need is sausage meat, black pudding, rashers, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and a bit of flour. To order your RCBBQ gear please check out our U.S., Ireland and German shop: U.S.: Ireland: Germany: source

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Bunuelos de Platano con Queso/Cheesy Fried Corn and Plantain Fritters Recipe | Episode 258

I love great Latin food. While Bunuelos de Platano con Queso is not a Puerto Rican recipe more of a South American one, a lot of the ingredients are very similar to ones found in Puerto Rican cuisine. The first time I had this I was in love.. no seriously I was totally in love with this one. I had sworn up and down it was Puerto Rican and went to Dad and asked why haven’t you made this for…

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