Shrimp Scampi – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

This lemony shrimp scampi certainly doesn’t skimp on flavor. The classic Italian-American dish is prepared with plenty of garlic and butter, and this version gets the bright addition of freshly squeezed lemon juice. (Recipe): Subscribe for more easy and delicious recipes: More Fish/Seafood Recipes: ————————————————————— Want more? Sign up to get my video recipe email, served daily. Get recipe emails: Like Everyday Food: Follow Everyday Food: Everyday Food Pinterest: Sarah Carey is the editor of Everyday Food magazine and her…

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Culinary Classroom Lesson 1: Culinary Terms

Join Chef Carrie Leonard in this first of 12 segments covering the basics of classical French cuisine. The word “chef” is borrowed (and shortened) from the French term ‘chef de cuisine’, the director or head of a kitchen. (The French word comes from Latin “caput” and is cognate with the English word “chief”.) In English, the title “chef” in the culinary profession originated in the haute cuisine of the 19th century. Many people erroneously call themselves “chef” if they cook…

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Layali Lebnan (Milk Semolina Dessert)

LAYALI LEBNAN © Lebanese Nights There are so many desserts in the Middle East with Semolina’s, and Creams, and Pistachios. And this is one I love the most. In the Middle East it is called Lebanese Nights. The origins of it place it in the Fatimid Era. One of the greatest Islamic Empires from 900-1200 AD. With so many ideas and inventions! The same forgotten Empire that would lay the foundation for the Italian Europeans into the Renaissance era borrowing…

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How To Velvet Meat – Velveting Meat Chinese Tutorial

How to make the meat in your home made stir fry soft and silky like the restaurants! Today I show you 2 recipes to velvet meat. Perfect for home Chinese cooking! Give it a go! My BBQ Channel – Check out my channel – Share With Friends – Subscribe – Follow me on: Google+ Facebook Tweets Ingredients (both methods for up to 500g meat) Method 1: 1 egg white 2 tbs corn starch or corn flour 1 tbs Chinese cooking…

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Beginners Guide to Cooking Korean Food

Korean food is one the hottest foods in the game right now and we can’t get enough! Sit back and enjoy this episode of cooking school and let us know what you would like to see next! If you really want to dig deep in specific recipes we highly suggest heading over Maangchi’s channel 02:28 – Bulgogi Short Rib 08:53 – Quick Pickled Daikon Radish 11:27 – Seafood Pancake 23:12 – Kimchi Tofu Stew 37:06 – Spicy Korean Rice Cakes…

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Greek Lamb Pita Sandwich with Easter Leftovers ! Gyros γύρος !

Fluffy bread, yogurt sauce (tzatziki) and marinated Lamb in this delicious yet so simple sandwich. And we use Easter Leftovers to make it. What else ? Special shout out to all the Greek people in the French Guy Cooking community. Kalimera ! Ef karisto ! My Instagram : Youtube subscribe : Facebook friends here : for mouth watering photos and good discussions 😉 Alexis Gabriel “The SPARTAN – FRENCHIE” source

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