Taste This TV: The Burger Episode

Five Guys Burgers And Fries Goes Down in Flames Compared to my Amazingly delectable selection of gourmet Burgers. “5 Guys Couldn’t Beat 1 Chef in 5 Tries!” AppleBees and Red Robin Need to go back to the drawing board cause I got them beat too. Plus the best Wings in this Country. And that’s me being modest. Don’t get me started on Bobby Flay’s new place in the mall Burger king beats that. -Chef Daniel Dreesen owner/operator Long Island CheeseBurgers…

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Best Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Beef Bourguignon is a French recipe for a beef stew cooked in Burgundy wine. Sometimes in America this recipe is called Beef Burgundy. This is my version of the recipe, if you’re looking for the classic, Beef Bourguignon recipe this may fall short of what you’re looking for. This is my personal rendition or take on Beef Bourguignon. I will show you step-by-step how to make the best Beef Bourguignon you have tasted. In my recipe I will show you…

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Cod with Potatos in the Oven || Recipe #2

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a nice day. I finaly got this up because this was a requested video from: Over50andFantabulous : and I think also Pam: It’s finaly up and it’s one of my favourit recipes of my boyfriend and you will see that his is doing it and talking through =) The recipe will be on my blog: My last video: Subscribe to my channel to see my videos. My goal is to publish once a week (let’s…

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Surprise Cakes App HOW TO COOK THAT

Surprise Cakes App on google play: Surprise cakes App on the App Store: Print Markers: Subscribe: Recipe: How To Cook That Channel: Hi I am Ann, How to Cook Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts. New video every Friday. SUBSCRIBE ( ) for step by step tutorials for yummy desserts, sweet macarons, cupcakes, chocolate and cake decorating. Recipe details: SUBSCRIBE on youtube : SUBSCRIBE for EMAIL updates: Youtube Channel: Google Plus: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: More videos by…

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