How to Make Mexican Quesadilla | Easy Recipes

This is a very tasty and yummy recipe for your kids and for their friends. It’s an easy to cook recipe and at the same time very healthy for your kids. With this you can trick them into having vegetables. Try this at home and i promise your kids will love it. You can also experiment it with many different ingredients. You can check our website for more videos You can also connect with us on our Facebook Page :…

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DAMNNNNNNN those noodles were spicy! Not sure if I’d go for them again?? Hope you enjoyed this video! Please make sure to like, comment and subscribe x You can follow me on my social media: Instagram: @ccsm25 -Facebook: @charlmarrie Twitter: marrie_charlene Follow my friends: -Malaika: -Paula: -Alexia: -Vaish: Till next time, Bisous xxx source

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Christmas Tofu (Recipe) クリスマス豆腐 (レシピ)

This recipe was introduced at Yukio Hattori’s recipe site (Megami’s Recipes site). Yukio Hattori is a president of Hattori Nutrition College and best known as an expert commentator on the Japanese television show Iron Chef, if you know 😉 I topped “Spinach Ohitashi” on tofu and decorated with colored peppers. Spinach Ohitashi is a common dish cooked in Japan. It is a boiled spinach flavored with soy sauce. However, in this tutorial, I used vinegar and spices to season, so…

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Teacup Shortcakes (Valentine’s Day Cupcakes) ティーカップ ショートケーキ – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

♥FOLLOW ME HERE♥ Shortcake (Shotokeki) is a Japanese layered sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream. Instead of baking sponge cake, I baked plain cupcakes 🙂 I bought the teacup-shaped silicone molds set on sale and it was only 500yen (5 bucks)!!! Of course you can use regular baking cups and serve them in teacups or mugs to enjoy this idea 😉 ——————————— How to Make Teacup Shortcakes Difficulty: easy Time: 1 hour Number of servings: 8 (5cm/2inch) baking cups…

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How to Make Vegetarian Curry Rice (Recipe) ベジタリアンのためのカレーライス (レシピ) (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

♥FOLLOW ME HERE♥ (GIVEAWAY CLOSED) Congrats to the winners 🙂 Jasmine Joshi Papaya019 Curry Rice (curry and rice / kare-raisu) is a very popular dish in Japan. According to the statistics, we Japanese eat curry rice twice a month! When I made the Basic Curry Rice, some people asked me for the vegetarian version, so I decided to make this video. The product I used contains no animal product but it tastes quite similar to the regular ones =) My…

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Buri Daikon (Simmered Yellowtail) Recipe 美味しいブリ大根の作り方 レシピ

Buri Daikon is simmered Buri (yellowtail or amberjack) and Daikon (radish). It’s a traditional and popular Japanese nimono (simmered food) cooked at home. The recipe vary from home to home, but somehow my recipe become very popular and now I received more than 830 photo reports! Please try it out!!! ——————————— Buri Daikon (Japanese yellowtail or amberjack simmered with daikon) Difficulty: Medium Time: 2hrs Number of servings: 2-3 Ingredients: 3 buri (Japanese yellowtail or amberjack) fillets 7 daikon radish cut…

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