Spanish Latte سبانش لاتيه على طريقة أسامة!

في هذا الفيديو بنطلع شوي عن مواضيع التصوير ومن باب التغيير بوريكم طريقة تحضير كوب سبانيش لاتيه بارد باستخدام القهوة المختصة وعلى طريقتي الخاصة. ان شاء الله تعجبكم الوصفة وطريقة التصوير المقادير بالتفصيل مكتوبة تحت.. ________________________ المقادير: ٣٠ جرام أو ٢ ملعقة كبيرة حليب مكثف دبل شوت قهوة (اسبريسو) ١ كوب حليب طازج ثلج ———————- Iced Spanish Latte 30 or 2 tablespoons Grams Condensed Milk Double shot Espresso 1 cup fresh milk Ice ________________________ إن أعجبك الفيديو شاركه ربعك وأصحابك…

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Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino Copycat: Noreen’s Kitchen

Greetings! Here I am, yet again with another coffee house favorite. This time, one of My daughter Micah’s favorites, the Starbucks Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino! This one is ridiculously simple to make and has few ingredients. I have used about a cup and a half of frozen strawberries that I ran under some cold water to separate and then quartered. Put those all in the drink mixer with about a cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of vanilla syrup. You…

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Fried chicken is one of those foods that makes everyone hungry. It’s so tasty, but sometimes the soft, soggy crust can be disappointing. Today I show you how to make seriously delicious, super crispy, crunchy fried chicken with my simple, easy recipe. It’s quite similar in flavour to KFC fried chicken but a little bit different and super crunchy. Give it a go! My BBQ Channel — Check out my channel — Share With Friends – Subscribe – Follow me…

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Erin Kanagy-Loux’s Japanese Cloud Cake | Food52 + Milk Life

This Japanese cloud cake from Erin Kanagy-Loux of Mah Ze Dahr Bakery uses a made-from-scratch yogurt that’s easier than you think. The yogurt adds a gentle tang, while the French meringue gives this light, fluffy cake its signature airy texture. SUBSCRIBE TO FOOD52 ►► Makes: one 9-inch cake INGREDIENTS For the cloud cake: 250 grams hung yogurt (recipe below) 80 grams canola or vegetable oil 120 grams organic dairy milk 120 grams egg yolks 80 grams white sugar, plus 120…

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Potato terrine – easy recipe

The potato terrine is a very popular dish that can be enriched with your favourite ingredients! Find this and many more recipes on the Giallozafferano App in English *** Here’s an appetizing recipe for one of the most popular main dishes: the potato terrine. The nice thing about it is that it can be flavoured with various ingredients, your favourite ones! Let’s see how to do! We’ll need: • 2,2 lbs (1 kg) of mealy potatoes • 1 1/3 cups…

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Stuffed bread – Recipes from Spain

This is a polyvalent recipe, you can use it for breakfast, at launch time, on a picnic … It takes its time to prepare mostly because you need the yeast to do its work, and it works at its own rythm, just be patient 🙂 Ingredients: – ½ kg flour – 250 ml milk – 70 gr butter – 70 gr sugar – 1 egg – Baker’s yeast (about 5 gr, dry) – 250 gr ham – 200 gr brie…

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