Muah Chee | Chinese Mochi | Glutinous Rice Ball Snack with Sesame Seeds | 麻糍 [Nyonya Cooking]

Here is the secret to chewy and springy Glutinous Rice Snacks coated with Sesame Seeds or Peanuts! Don’t say I don’t share! These glutinous rice snack balls are fantastic street food found in Malaysia. If you have not tasted it, ‘Muah Chee’ is very similar to Mochi. Both ‘muah chee and mochi are made using glutinous rice flour but ‘muah chee’ uses long grain glutinous rice flour while mochi uses short grain glutinous rice flour. ‘Muah chee’ is usually sold…

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Botamochi-Ohagi (Japanese Traditional Sweets Recipe)

My mother is making her famous OHAGI, a delicious Japanese sweet made from mochi rice and sweetened adzuki beans ANKO. Subscribe for more videos! We would like to have as many people enjoy our videos. If you’d like to translate this video, we would be very happy! Just click on this link to do so. PURCHASE ONLINE Adzuki Beans Ready made Adzuki Mochi Rice INGREDIENTS: 250 g / 1 1/3 cup Adzuki Beans, washed Water to completely cover the beans…

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Sweet Mochi Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Sweet Mochi. It is made from Mochiko (sweet rice flour), sugar, and water. Very simple! You can eat it by itself or make your favorite Japanese desserts with it such as Daifuku and Mochi Ice Cream. Full recipe here: Connect with us on Facebook: Subscribe for more easy Japanese recipes: source

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