Raw Recipe: Italian Ice

This raw recipe comes from our Raw Italian Recipes book. This is a great way to end your dinner party. Or make this when your friends come over on a hot summer day and wow them with this great raw vegan treat. This recipe is quick, simple, and easy to make for anyone wanting a healthy dessert. Check out more recipes at: source

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Making Turkish Bread

Grassroots Cafe presents another recipe from its archives. This clip details the making of Turkish Bread in an easy to follow format. Find the recipe in PDF format here: Also, other recipes available from us: Website: Facebook: source

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Herb & Fruit Recipes : How to Make Vinegar

Make vinegar by squeezing half a lemon through a strainer into a container, adding a little water, letting the mixture sit for five days, adding more lemon juice and letting it sit for another two weeks. Store vinegar mixture in a cool, dark place with advice from a private chef in this free video on making vinegar. source

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Star Ingredients | Avec Eric W/ Chef Eric Ripert | Reserve Channel

Eric visits his friend Chef David Kinch to learn how he is growing his own produce for his restaurant Manresa. Chef David shows Eric his wide variety of delicious herbs, vegetables and fruit that are grown and incorporated into Manresa’s menu. Eric also shows us how his staff in Le Bernardin prepare a delicious salmon dish using farm raised salmon. Finally we join Eric in his kitchen as he shows us how to make salmon with pea shoots. Avec Eric…

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