Ramsay’s Cooking Lessons – Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

As the owners are contemplating which of them will be the general manager, Gordon Ramsay gives cooking lessons to the head chef in preparation for a new menu including a delicious lobster dish. For more great Kitchen Nightmares clips, click here to subscribe: If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon’s channels: More Gordon Ramsay: Website: Facebook: Twitter: source

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Banana Bread-Recipes -from Chef Ricardo Cooking

COOKING BOOK OUT NOW BUY NOW 50% OFF Caribbean Cuisine Cookbook Paperback – 2015 Easy recipe and cooking From Chef Ricardo Cooking Thanks you …………………………………………. Want more recipes and ideas Thanks u so Much…………….. Check out these Top And The Best Thank you DESSERTS BY / WHAT’S FOR DINNER BREAKFAST AT DINNER FOR TWO …………..FOLLOW ME………… Chef Ricardo Cooking TV … If you like my videos please Subscribe & Share my Channel. You can also follow me on social networks…

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Watch a Meal at SPQR Fly By in 60 Seconds – 60 Second Tasting Menu

Matthew Accarrino’s food at San Francisco’s SPQR evokes the flavors of Italy kaleidoscoped through an array of other inspirations. In the 11-course tasting menu shown here, priced at $108 per person, look for a French-Indian spice blend, a new take on Alfredo sauce, and more from the chef, whose West Coast approach to Roman fare makes the Pacific Heights restaurant one of the best in the city. This episode of 60 Second Tasting Menu is sponsored by Acura ILX. Subscribe:…

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PAD THAI NOODLES • ผัดไทย • Mukbang & Recipe

Welcome to my 30 Days of Noodles! Each day I show you a new noodle/pasta recipe. Today, let me show you step-by-step how to make easy, delicious, traditional Pad Thai. After traveling to Thailand last summer, this quickly became one of my all time favorite dishes. Sweet, spicy, and sour all at once, warm and filling! I hope you give this a try! Don’t forget to leave a comment. I read everybody’s comments, and I might respond to you, too!…

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Couples Date Night with Chef Eric Crowley and The Cosmo Times

In this video, Chef Eric takes you on a tour of the Culinary Classroom and delves into the popular Couples Date Night menu. You’ll hear about what you and your sweetie could be making together, and you’ll soon see the benefits of cooking together as a couple! People come to Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom in West Los Angeles to learn how to cook, how to become a chef, how to become a pastry chef, how to master cooking techniques, and…

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Atelier Crenn, Winter 2015 – 60 Second Tasting Menu

A woodsy, seafood-laden tasting menu from San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn. This episode of 60 Second Tasting Menu is sponsored by Acura ILX. Full menu below: Kir Breton Carrot Jerky “Trout” “Squid” Live Scallop Cashew | The Rock (split screen) “Shima Aji” King Crab Duck Egg, Pate, Porcini Broth Bone Marrow and caviar Pigeon and Tea “Salad” Guava Consommé Nori and Matcha Wafer “The Sea” Mignardises Le Chocolat (2 courses)* Subscribe: Check out EATER RULES — Our new series for rules,…

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