Gemstone soap

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Making My Dog A Bed Out Of Soap

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DIY: African black soap and Vegetable Glycerin shampoo – without water

***HELP ME ACHIEVE 1000 SUBSCRIBERS*** This is Saeforli and welcome to my channel. Don’t forget to like comment and subscribe for more. My homemade African black soap and vegetable glycerin shampoo. Made without water for a thicker consistency and longer shelf life without added preservatives. It is very cleansing and can be quite drying so I’m currently working on a formula to add oils into my shampoo without it separating to improve the moisturing and conditioning properties of my shampoo.…

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Raspberry Rose African Black Soap Shampoo with Recipe

Wanna see the semi easy way to make African Black Soap Shampoo? I made this with THREE different ABS and added some extra goodies like honeyquat, argan, sea buckthorn & hydrolyzed duck feather keratin to provide rich properties to this very special limited edition soap. I also lowered the pH a bit but follow up with conventional conditioner to bring the pH of your hair back to it’s optimum level. Personally I leave in my favorite conditioner as I have…

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Liquid African Black Soap Recipe Tutorial

Make liquid soap or shampoo from African Black Soap, water, and your favorite essential oil! It’s so quick and easy to make. This recipe is one of 5 from the FREE eBook, “Liquid African Black Soap Recipes for Skin and Hair” written and photographed by Lisa Maliga. She is the author of NUTS ABOUT SHEA BUTTER and more than a dozen books about soap crafting and bath & body products. Download your copy today! Available at the following online bookstores.…

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